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Ken Obermark

Movement, Massage & Structural Integrative Therapist

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19 Years Experience in Advanced Bodywork

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10 Years Experience with Corrective Exercises

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A Passion for Helping You Get Better Faster

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Serving Colorado Springs Full Time Since 2003

Currently studying Fascial Counterstrain and Strain Counterstrain Techniques to better serve you.

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Movement Therapies & Education

PRI Courses:

(Posture Restoration Institute Courses Completed)

• Myokinematic Restoration
• Pelvic Restoration
• Cervical Revolution
• Impingement & Instability
• PRI for Fitness & Movement

Functional Movement:

(Courses Completed)

• Functional Movement Systems 1
• Functional Movement Systems 2
• Selective Functional Movement Assessment 1
• Selective Functional Movement Assessment 2

Soft Tissue Training:

(Courses & Certifications Completed)

• Active Release Technique
• Fascial Stretch Therapy
• Neurokinetic Therapy
• Cupping
• Rapid Release Therapy
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Rock Tape

Fitness/Wellness Training:

(Courses Completed)

• Egoscue Method Of Postural Exercise Specialist II
• Symmetry For Health Level 3
• Certified Postural Exercise Professional (CPEP)
• Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health & Performance
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
• Precision Nutrition Certified
• Robertson Training Systems: Complete Coach Certification
• Champion Performance Therapy and Training Specialist
• Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach


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Manual Therapy Training / Certifications

Utah College of Massage Therapy

Active Release Technique:

Upper Body / Lower Body / Spine / Nerve Entrapment

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Rock Tape

Neurokinetic Therapy 1

Neurokinetic Therapy 2

Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart

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My services focus on restoring the body’s balance, function, and performance in order to allow greater ease and enjoyment in movement—from everyday movements such as gardening or climbing stairs, to a greater capacity for endurance and high-stress activity such as running a race or weightlifting. It is my goal to see that you are well taken care of by providing you with the best treatment options that address your chronic pain and movement limitations. I offer several soft tissue therapies and movement therapies that restore a wide range of pain conditions and syndromes back to normal. This all begins with a comprehensive postural and functional movement assessment to identify dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system associated with your current symptoms.